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Vintage Beard oil

Vintage takes you back as you walk in to an old general store that has the classic candy count...

Vintage takes you back as you walk in to an old general store that has the classic candy counter holding fresh caramels and chocolates. The aroma of sweetness, old wood and just the feeling of warmth. 


Our carrier oil blend is crafted to provide the optimum nutrition for your skin. Beard oil is intended to replace the oils in your skin, which are depleted with beard growth. Beard oil will provide some benefits for your beard, however make sure you get it down to your skin for proper application.   Our scent profiles are created by fusing essential and fragrance oil blends to create unique scents for everyone.

 Size: 1 ounce/30ml

Ingredients: Jojoba, sweet almond, coconut Oil, emu oil, Shea nut oil and Squalane oil, Essential fragrance blends 

Profile: Spiced honey, tonka, oud and vanilla 

Duration: Combined with use of our vitality butter , scent will last 8-12 hours (varies with each person)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Vintage oil

This is a one of a kind scent last all day highly recommend it

It's addictingly good

Can't get enough of this stuff. The honey/vanilla/oud combo almost gives it a maple syrup smell to me out of the bottle (but nothing like maple syrup in beard), then it settles down to a nice calm, but sweet warm vanilla with an oud kick if that makes sense. My wife said it smells a bit like snickerdoodles in a manly way lol. Idk if any of that does it justice. I find it addicting I keep opening the bottle. The scent is pretty strong, and definitely amazing. The oil feels excellent in beard. One of my all time favorites.

Vintage is fantastic!

I am very glad to hear that this scent is part of the main line. This is one of my favorites. The oil and vitality feel fantastic in beard and the scent duration lasts several hours. This sold me on Chesapeake and I've already placed another order. I just wish vintage was offered in a balm.

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