Seattle Beard OIl

Seattle Beard OIl

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Seattle is a city with many offerings from around the world.  A culture like no other, Seattle is bound by no limitations.  As the coffee capital of the country, we had to make sure this was one for the ages.  Seattle is a rich coffee with a mocha base and filled with spices to represent the cultures of the city.  You will not be disappointed in Seattle. 


Our carrier oil blend is crafted to provide the optimum nutrition for your skin. Beard oil is intended to replace the oils in your skin, which are depleted with beard growth. Beard oil will provide some benefits for your beard, however make sure you get it down to your skin for proper application.  We use premium quality jojoba, sweet almond, abyssinian, coconut and cherry kernel oils.  Our scent profiles are created by fusing essential and fragrance oil blends to create unique scents for everyone.

Size: 1 ounce/30ml

Ingredients:Jojoba, sweet almond, cherry kernel, coconut and abyssinian oils, Essential fragrance blends

Profile: Coffee, mocha and middle eastern spices

Duration: Combined with use of our balms, scent will last 8-12 hours (varies with each person)

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