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Poe Balm

We won't quote the raven, however we will bring you a matching Balm for the oil inspired by the r...

We won't quote the raven, however we will bring you a matching Balm for the oil inspired by the raven.  A dark oud and birch scent creates the perfect manly cologne style we are all looking for. 

Our carrier oil blend and butters are crafted to provide the optimum nutrition for your skin and beard.  Beard oil is intended to replace the oils in your skin, which are depleted with beard growth.  Beard Balm is designed to help style your beard, as well as provide some nourishment to your beard.  We use premium quality jojoba, sweet almond, abyssinian, coconut and cherry kernel oils, shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax.  Our scent profiles are created by fusing essential and fragrance oil blends to create unique scents for everyone.

Size: 2 ounce/60ml

Ingredients:Beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, Jojoba, sweet almond, cherry kernel, coconut and abyssinian oils, Essential fragrance blends

Profile:  Birch & Oud

Duration: Combined with use of our oils, scent will last 8-12 hours (varies with each person)

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Product

I got Poe oil, butter and balm. The scent is unbelievable. Oil absorbed very quickly into my beard and left no crustiness or residue. Butter is nice and firm and easy to melt and apply and the balm offers incredible hold on my white beard. The scent lasts pretty much all day and at least 10 people at work told me I smelled good all of whom were women. Most importantly, my wife absolutely loves it. She said the bathroom still had the scent profile in it an hour after I left for work. I am a veteran and love supporting my brothers and sisters. I will definitely be purchasing different scents from CBG! Excellent product! Highly recommend!

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