Dig It Limited Edition Vitality Butter


Many of you know Chad Straza and his famous impersonation of Macho Man, if not you're missing out.  We tagged team with Chad to create this one of a kind scent which embodies the spirit of Macho Man's persona. 

A blend of Apples, Bourbon, Lemonade and Mint Mojito creates a scent as colorful and wild as the Macho Man himself. 

The Limited edition Oil release sold out in record time and followed with demands for a butter.  So we answered the call with our famous vitality Butter in the Dig IT scent. 

Ingredients: Jojoba butter, Argan butter, Kukui nut butter, She nut oil, essential fragrance blends (contains sustainably sourced palm oil)


2.5 ounce

Customer Reviews

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This is officially my new Chesapeake scent, Chad i would call this one Sweet Success but you called it Dig It🤘🏽🧔🏻‍♂️🤘🏽

Dean Goodin
Don't sleep on Dig It

Scent is Amazing! So glad I was able to get my hands on this and didn't sleep on getting this scent. Not only does it look awesome on my beard shelf but the feel in beard is even better!

Cory Weatherbee
I really Dig It

This fragrance is so well-balanced! The Apple is what pops out upfront for me but it is very well rounded with the bourbon and the lemonade. This is one of those fragrances that you can wear during the daytime or the night time! Amazing quality product as always!

Dig it

Great scent! Very fresh with great layers. Should be a permanent addition

Mark Brown
Dig It

Dig It is phenomenal. The scent profile of Green and Red Apples, Bourbon, Lemonade, and Mint Mojito comes together perfectly. I get a nice bright scent where I pick up the Apples as top notes with nice middle notes of lemonade and bourbon and the mint Mojito rounds this out so nicely. The 2 color bottle definitely has the colorfulness of The Macho Man himself and Chad who does the best Macho Man impersonation I’ve ever heard and I’ve been a fan of wrestling for 30+ years. This is a home run. Chad and Gary knocked this out of the park. I could wear this everyday and also comes across to me as a nice fall scent in a way. Again 1 word phenomenal