Scent Profiles

Island Rose- Coconut milk & Rose

Lavender Grove- Orange, Clementine & Lavender

Slumberjack- Oak, Apples, lavender and a twist

Fenix- Lemon, Orange Blossom & Vanilla

Poe- Oud & Birch

Waldorf- Cherry Tobacco

Annapolis- Georgia Peach & Tobacco Leaf

Potomac- Raspberry & Cuban Tobacco Leaf

Sunday Mornin- Vanilla, Honey & Oatmeal

Rhapsody- Black Cherry, Vanilla and Bourbon

Cubano- Classic cuban cigar with spices, wine and manliness

Sweeney- A fresh barbershop and bay rum

Southern Charm- Bourbon and Georgia Peach

Scarecrow- fall in a bottle! Cider, pear, Cedar, amber wood and moss

Solace- A very soft cologne  like CK Euphoria

Seattle- Mocha, coffee and spices

Cavalry- Warm Tahitian vanilla and Leather

Sol- Lemon and vanilla

Rojo- Cherry Tobacco Vanilla

Azul- Cologne type like Acqua Di Gio

Coconut Dream- Lavender and Coconut Milk

Piney- Orange, citrus and pine


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