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This is officially my new Chesapeake scent, Chad i would call this one Sweet Success but you called it Dig It🤘🏽🧔🏻‍♂️🤘🏽

Both boxes weren't very exciting

This is my 2nd box. The first box I got I didn't use anything but the detox wash. This box has oils I have currently. Seems people have got alot of cool items but I must just be unlucky

Might consider trying again though

Stranger Peake Combo
Billy Rivers

Stranger peake is an all around great feel in beard and a great scent which is why I've already got this second bottle with buttah
Just good stuff

Stranger Peake Combo
Richard McDowell Jr
Way better than expected

The oil was a freebie on promotion one month. My son is a Stranger Things freak so I planned on giving it to him but when I smelled it, I placed another order to get a second free oil for me. Then the buttah hit and I ordered one of those too. When I paired the two together and actually wore the scent all day I fell in love with it. Not as an every day thing but an occasional changeup. My younger son never compliments my scents but he couldn’t stop talking about this one. So I did what any bearded dad would…I ordered two more combos!

Don't sleep on Dig It

Scent is Amazing! So glad I was able to get my hands on this and didn't sleep on getting this scent. Not only does it look awesome on my beard shelf but the feel in beard is even better!

I really Dig It

This fragrance is so well-balanced! The Apple is what pops out upfront for me but it is very well rounded with the bourbon and the lemonade. This is one of those fragrances that you can wear during the daytime or the night time! Amazing quality product as always!

Dig it

Great scent! Very fresh with great layers. Should be a permanent addition

Vintage Beard oil
John Koller
Didn't really care for the scent

Didn't really care for the scent - so I have not tried it in beard yet.

Mark Brown
POE oil/Buttah combo

POE oil keeps my skin well nourished and leaves my beard feeling soft and smelling good. The Birch and Oud together are a fantastic scent. My wife loves to smell my beard w/POE in it. The Buttah is amazing nutrition for my night routine. Same great and my beard is super soft in morning. 5 stars all around

Mystery Box
Bill Robinson
Mystery Box

Tinctures we’re awesome and the Bully Vitality is so good!!

Mark Brown
5 star Cubano

Cubano has an excellent feel in beard as does all CBG oils. The scent on Cubano is definitely one that brings me down memory lane. It reminds me of making wine blends for a big company. The nice cigar notes come out first for me (which we would take smoke. Breaks at work)!w/hints of wine and a nice cinnamon scent. One of my favorite scents by CBG get about 6 hours of scent w/oil but pairing it w/Cubano butter scent last me a good 8-12 hrs. Really good scent and carrier blend

Joshua A.
An Amazing Barbershop 💈🔥💈

One of the best barbershop scents I've found. There is something unique about Sweeney that differentiates it from other barbershops.

Aldemir Lugo

This combo is wonderful it has great scent perfect for night time before bed and the butter so smooth is so effortless to apply should have ordered way earlier👍🏼

Daniel Tucker

Love this scent

Dig It

Dig It is phenomenal. The scent profile of Green and Red Apples, Bourbon, Lemonade, and Mint Mojito comes together perfectly. I get a nice bright scent where I pick up the Apples as top notes with nice middle notes of lemonade and bourbon and the mint Mojito rounds this out so nicely. The 2 color bottle definitely has the colorfulness of The Macho Man himself and Chad who does the best Macho Man impersonation I’ve ever heard and I’ve been a fan of wrestling for 30+ years. This is a home run. Chad and Gary knocked this out of the park. I could wear this everyday and also comes across to me as a nice fall scent in a way. Again 1 word phenomenal


Not one of the ones I would order again. It sounds great but smells more like a vape pen.

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Mystery Box
James Leggett
Love love love the mystery box.

I always get 3 things that blow my mind. Im new to the comapny so I dont have alot of chesepeak but man, every time I get the bix(3 times) I get 3 things that blow my mind. That vitality emu cbd butter is off the charts. Cant beat that vitality butter. And the oils and 1000mg cbd and my inflammation is not bad it all now.!!! Highly recommend chesepeak

The upside down

This shit be smelling fire. Leave ya soft, but not where you shouldn't be.

Stranger Peake bundle

Love the smell works great in beard wife like the smell as well can’t go wrong with this one

Irish Blue
Mark Brown
5 ⭐️ Rating Irish Blue

All of Gary’s oils feel great in my beard. They keep my skin hydrated, no dryness, and leave both skin and beard feeling soft and healthy. I have Irish Blue in oil and Vitality butter and the scent I could wear every single day. I get blueberry and oatmeal out of it and who doesn’t love those too. I recommend Irish Blue

Mystery Box Rosado
Mystery box

I purchased my first mystery box and I got to say I was impressed the oils I got were move, scarecrow which I love and luxurious from there peake CBD line which is amazing. It was worth it and I can’t wait to purchase another mystery box to see what I get next. Keep up the good work Gary.

Keith Herrick

Man, the gals and the guys love the smell. I turn myself on!! Haha and love my soft beard

Mark Brown

CBG is an amazing company. One of the very best feel in beards w/a great carrier oil blend that has in it both Squalene and Emo oil as part of this amazing carrier blend. CBG has some of the nicest scent too. Calvary has quickly become my most used products w/the terrific feel in beards and the beautiful scent of leather and Tahitian Vanilla. CBG has fast shopping and a great owner.

The shirt feels great

the shirt feels great it is so soft

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