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Missed the mark

I was excited to try this one especially after watching a review, pb and j and some soda, how can you go wrong? This doesnt smell anything like pb and j or soda, has a very artificial smell, kinda reminds me of how halloween costume shops tend to smell, super disappointed.

Super unique

Gary knocked it out of the park with this scent


Scent is out of this world. I have a longer beard, approaching 7 inches, my beard loves this oil! Great work!

Poe is a 5 star!!!

This is a deep oud scent that is something you could wear anytime. Get the Vitality and Oil and you will not regret it. This is easily one of my favorite company's because everything this company puts out is a 5 star winner. Dont miss out on this scent if you love oud.


Love it ...smells and feels amazing and the artwork is unique

Vintage oil and vitality combo

Absolutely Love everything Chesapeake! Oil, vitality, apparel. And Gary is an awesome owner.


Can’t say enough good about the products and customer service. Highly recommend this company.

Amazing scent

If I could give 10 stars I would cause this scent is just that good,awesome job Gary


Very good scent and so glad I got ahold of one of these. Favorite movie so I had too.

Ultra Conditioner Co-Wash Bottle
Outstanding conditioner

I love this conditioner, I use it at least twice a week when my beard feels dry.

Game Changer

Both oil and butter are spot on, the scent is indescribable but smells awesome!

Ultra Conditioner Co-Wash Bottle
best conditioner there is!

I've used the older version of this conditioner, when it came in a different container, and loved it! Now the same great stuff comes in a more user friendly container. Imo this is the best conditioner you can get if you want a soft beard!

Awesome Deal!!!

I purchased my first Mystery Box just to see what Gary would throw in there and it was so worth it. After that I decided I would order a Mystery Box with every purchase just to add a little excitement to my orders. I have ordered four additional Mystery Boxes since my first one arrived in less than a year and each one was completely different than all the others, I have never gotten the same product twice and each item was a premium product. If you are looking for something different or just need something to get free shipping, try the Mystery Box and I believe you will be as satisfied that you did as I was!

Vintage beard oil

Leaves my beard exceptionally soft with a scent my wife adores!!! Will order again....and again!

Amazing scent and feel

CBG has their scent game on point. Long lasting aroma and the products make your beard noticeably softer.


I thought it was great, but it could use just a bit more of the apple scent. It’s very faint and wasn’t what I was expecting. Still great, though.

Awesome Products

Awesome mystery box filled with the trusted Cheasapeake products! If you ask yourself if you really need this in your life, the answer is yes!

Was expecting better

I love CBG command co-wash. I think it's one of the best co-washes out. However, the daily wash let me down. It's just okay.

Chesapeake Calvary beard oil

Chesapeake Calvary beard oil has nothing but the highest quality oils love the scent keeps my beard feeling soft all day would definitely recommend it to anyone such a great company!

Never enough

Best vitality scent available when’s it’s available!! Always sells out need I say more?!

Out of time!

This is a great scent but Gota say I bought it for the Nostalgia!!


Vitality now in one of my favorite CBG scents! Enough said

Old school

Another banger from CBG! Got a pleasant old school store scent but I still like the Carmel! And any vitality is a must!


I love These mystery boxes. Thus is something no other company I've been through does. The products are phenomenal. These boxes are well worth the price. Every time I have received more than what it's valued at. If you like surprises, especially beard care Haha
You won't be disappointed with these. Highly recommend.

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