May LTD SOTM "Beard Watch” oil/ vitality butter Combo

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If you were a teenager in the late 90s, you definitely knew about the famous red swimsuits storming the California beaches on our airwaves. In our POP Culture theme for the scent to he the month series, we dive into the waters with our tribute to Bay Watch.  We bring you Beard Watch, a tropical beach essence of coconut, lime, oud and a special blend of scents to bring out an earthy freshness.  This is not your average coconut and lime.  We have elevated this to a whole new level.  Dive in and watch the surf. 



Oil ingredients: jojoba oil,. sweet almond oil, coconut oil, squalene oil, emu oil, shea nut oil and essential fragrance blends 

Vitality Butter ingredients: jojoba butter, Argan butter, Kukui Nut butter, shea nut oil and essential fragrance blends (contains ethically and sustainably sourced palm oil)April


Scent of the Month Limiteds will Ship on the 1st of Each month. 


There are no discount codes allowed for this subscription.

Any subscription made after the 10th of each month, will get their first order the following month.  

 Due to the subscription service of this plan, there are no refunds or returns. 


Customer Reviews

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Instant Favorite

This is the best if not one of the best lime coconuts I have smelled so far. It's smooth and has maybe some hints of pineapple scent in there. Has some creamy tones to it too but very very mild. totally worth it.

Beardwatch is Summer time in a bottle

BeardWatch is such an awesome scent. Coconut and lime with something extra... Fantastic job Gary! Try it people. You won't be disappointed.

Ginger Razz

Love this scent. Garys oil has one of the best blends in the game. If you have yet to try the vitality butter your missing out. Easily a top 5 butter. The scents are smoothly blended. 100 recommend.

Super unique

Gary knocked it out of the park with this scent


Scent is out of this world. I have a longer beard, approaching 7 inches, my beard loves this oil! Great work!