June Limited scent of the month double release

Our scent of the month series is based on POP culture and the things we loved growing up.  We would be remised if we did not pay homage to Star Wars.  Creating one scent would not do the series justice.  so we created 2 sets for Junes SOTM release.  The dark side and the light side.  

The subscription set is the Dark Side.  Based on Darth Vader, we have created a dark scent just like this powers of the dark side. 



Choose Wisely

Military, First Responders, Teachers and Service family Members

We are honored abnd oproud to work with GOVX ID to offer a verifeid system to bring you a special discount. As a 100% veteran owned and operated business, we appreciate adn understand the sacrifice and service you provide!

To use the program, a section will appear when items are added to cart for you to verify your GOVX ID membership. THank you for service.